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Complete List of Services

  • Direct current (DC) electric motors

    Moteurs Électriques Laval Ltée has earned a solid reputation throughout the province for its ability to solve the most complex problems related to reconditioning direct current motors. To make it easier to identify problems at the source and prevent major breakdowns, we can evaluate equipment performance onsite. Thanks to our experienced technical consultants, we will guide you through the appropriate solutions at the construction site or in the plant.

  • Alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) electric motors

    Our workshop offers winding and reconditioning services – from the smallest fractional horsepower motor to 24,000 HP / 12,000V motors. Whether in the plant or at the construction site, our experienced staff is able to recondition motors to achieve their nominal capacity and increase their power by calculating key data.

    For repairs, Moteurs Électriques Laval Ltée only uses Class “H” equipment, which is a superior class of insulation that can withstand even the harshest conditions. To meet these specific requirements, we use pulse shield copper wire when the motors are controlled by variable frequency drives.

  • Medium voltage motors

    Heavy industry represents a large part of our motor repair market, which explains why we have specialists trained to repair and modify medium voltage motors. We manufacture our own 2400V, 4160V and 6900V windings.

    Our team of technicians also offers complete installation of medium voltage motors.

  • Transformers

    The hydroelectric production market in Quebec has a prominent place in our repair services. Many electricity producers put their trust in Moteurs Électriques Laval Ltée for the repair, rewinding and reconditioning of their transformers. The last major transformer that was rewound at Moteurs Électriques Laval Ltée developed 20 MVA.

    Our 20-ton overhead gantry crane is able to handle large transformers. Our drying oven is equipped with a temperature reader and a hygrometer for humidity control to dry the transformer windings under optimal conditions.

  • CoolBLUE and NaLA - Brochure.pdf

    Moteurs Électriques Laval Ltée introduces the CoolBLUE® inductive absorbers and the NaLA® differential mode absorbers for superior reliability and durability of your engines!

    Variable frequency drives (VFDs) create damaging currents for your bearings. If these currents are not filtered or attenuated, the bearings will << stitched >>, grasp, the lubrication will degrade, an electroerosion of the balls will be manifested and your bearings will break. CoolBLUE® and NaLA® products absorb these damaging currents before they go to the engine.

  • Commercial and industrial pumps and aerators

    Our workshops have developed specific expertise in pumps and aerators.

    Most repair operations can be done in the workshop, including various dynamic balancing procedures for the rotor and impeller. Customers appreciate this during emergency situations.

    To offer the most efficient service possible, we stock full sets of gaskets for various pumps.

  • Coil manufacturing

    Moteurs Électriques Laval Ltée has its own workshop for manufacturing preformed coils. We also produce all types of coils. Our copper inventory allows us to quickly meet our customers’ various needs. The recent acquisition of a completely computerized winding machine enables us to manufacture high-precision coils.

  • Hydroelectric alternators and exciters

    Moteurs Électriques Laval Ltée has earned an excellent reputation for repairing hydroelectric dam exciters.

    We have the equipment needed to take on major projects, such as a truck with air suspension for transport, a 108-inch diameter metal lathe, a 40-ton overhead gantry crane, and a large capacity oven.

    During the 1996 flood, our CBL branch received a contract from the city of Jonquière to remove a 30-ton 4.5 MVA alternator from their power plant and repair it at our workshop.

  • Generators

    Not only can we meet all your generator repair needs, but we can also provide energy to an entire plant during a production shut-down so that you can do maintenance work.

  • Metal part manufacturing and fitting

    Large industries and our industrial equipment repair partners regularly call upon our expertise for machining large size parts and for the installation and mechanical fitting of couplings, gear trains and bearings.

    We use TIG, MIG, arc, gas and white metal welding to fuse various metals to mechanical parts.

    Our exceptional heavy equipment (overhead gantry cranes up to 40 tons, 600 ton press, 108-inch diameter lathe, etc.) sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to carry out major projects in record time.

  • Transport

    The services offered by Moteurs Électriques Laval Ltée require delicate transport operations. Our fleet of trucks, ranging from 2 to 20-ton load capacities, is equipped with appropriate suspension systems. When required, we also use commercial truckers, railways, maritime and air transport located near Moteurs Électriques Laval Ltée.

  • Training

    Moteurs Électriques Laval Ltée offers training in electric motors or variable frequency drives at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Our advanced courses are primarily intended for plant technicians and engineers, but we also offer training tailored to the specific needs of less experienced customers.

  • Dry ice cleaning

    Dry ice cleaning uses a unique combination of strength to lift contaminants from surfaces without causing damage or creating harmful secondary waste. Similar to a cornstarch and baking soda spray, dry ice cleaning prepares and cleans surfaces with a very cold (about -120°C) air jet.

  • Laser alignment

    Proper alignment of the machine begins at the time of installation, in particular, by ensuring that the machine’s foundation is flat. If the foundation is screwed on or connected in any other way, this can affect the optimal operating capacity of your equipment.

  • Thermographic inspection

    A thermal camera records different infrared rays (heat waves) emitted by materials and which vary depending on their temperature. Contrary to what you might think, a thermal camera does not enable you to see behind a wall or an obstacle. Rather, it reproduces the heat stored by your equipment.

  • Vibration analysis and dynamic balancing

    It seems obvious to associate a machine’s running condition with the noise and vibration level it produces. Even in the best working order, equipment produces noise and vibrations caused by imperfections. Every machine, whether it is a compressor, fan or pump, has a vibration and noise level that is considered normal or essential.

    When noise and vibrations increase or become excessive, the cause is a Mechanical Problem. By measuring its frequency and amplitude, vibration analysis can identify a specific problem.

    By adding or subtracting weight, dynamic balancing rebalances your equipment.

  • L'entretien et la réparation des transformateurs

    Tous les réseaux électriques sont basés sur la performance et la durée de vie des transformateurs HT/BT, en plus du coût d’achat élevé de ces équipements, leur disponibilité étant restreinte et souvent en mode fabrication sur demande, l’entretien constitue donc le seul investissement modeste garantissant leur longévité.

  • Réparation de pompes submersibles

    Des mécaniciens d’entretien qualifiés font appels à leurs connaissances poussées en technologie de traitement des eaux et des eaux usées pour exécuter une bonne évaluation de vos bris et une réparation de qualité dans des délais qui vous surprendront!

  • Portail web

    N’épargnant sur rien, Moteurs Électriques Laval Ltée a mit sur pied, à travers son site Internet, un Portail web vous permettant de suivre toutes les étapes de vos réparations de moteurs.

    Une méthode simple et efficace vous permettant de sauver temps et argent. Vous pourrez visualiser l’état, le statut et l’historique de vos réparations depuis 2007.

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