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Saguenay Branch

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2050 Deschênes St
Jonquière, QC
G7S 2A9
Toll free:

(418) 548-3134
(800) 361-3225
(418) 548-5206 (Mgmt.)
(418) 548-7777 (Sales)

Experience and Skill.

Formerly called C.B.L., our Jonquière branch has been working in the field of electric motors, transformers and electrodynamics since 1949.

The Jonquière branch has a team of professionals and technicians specialized in electric motors, transformers, generators, pumps and other industrial rotary equipment. It also offers highly qualified support in safety maintenance of this equipment.

Quality – An Integrated Concept

Our Jonquière branch has long been known for the quality of its products and the excellence of its services. We are aware that poor repairs can lead to significant production losses and are committed to delivering only top-notch quality products and services.

To provide superior quality products and services, an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality assurance program has been implemented. Its registration was carried out by the QMI (Quality Management Institute), a division of the Canadian Standardization Association (ACNOR-CSA).

To improve its technological services, our branch takes full advantage of its quality program procedures. Daily quality assurance activities include the calibration and balancing of precision mechanical and electric tools, response to customer technical specifications, strict monitoring of procedures, tests and final verification. This results in products that meet and exceed our customer's requirements.

As with our branches, we specialize in the sale of electric motors (fractional, AC, DC, and medium voltage), drives, gear motors, soft starters, active filters and capacitors, and all related peripherical accessories to operate and control motors.

We also specialize in preventive maintenance in order to prolong the life span of your equipment through vibration analysis, laser alignment, thermography, dynamic balancing, dry ice cleaning and efficiency analysis of running motors.

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